Easy access to the document you are looking for ..!

     Eraysoft Document Archiving System scan all documents circulated within the institution was classified and categorized to be in the digital environment , easy access and allows users to share considering the hierarchy.

      Small and medium-sized firms, hospitals , schools , hotels, law offices and document circulation as it is very specific time and place for the storage requirement which is quite difficult to manage the physical archive . The presence of a document often sought may take hours . Whether categorized easily find scanned documents and e-mail it , you can share it with methods such as print.

Double-or single -sided scanning
Scanning color or gray
Simple search screen
User Authorization
Stylish and ergonomic design
OCR / BCR applications
600 dpi color scanning
ID Cards, driver's license , and business cards for the special    screening chamber
Up to 25 ADF capacity document scanning and document 50
Quick function keys
Eraysoft Bilisim Technology
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